At iCare Orthodontics & Dentistry, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders and have adopted many of the newest technologies available in orthodontics to provide the most efficient and comfortable treatment for our patients. In addition to the two 3D digital scanners we have in our office (iTero® and Trios®), Dr. Jamie Kim and Dr. Vinh Huynh are excited to add 3D printing technology to our armamentarium. This allows completely impression-free procedures for retainer and appliance fabrications. Traditionally, an impression or mold has to be taken to make certain appliances and retainers, and many patients dread this process because of their gag-reflex and its messiness. Our patients can now have mess-free, gag-free experience in our office. Please call our office at 770-840-9500 to schedule your complementary new patient consultation with our orthodontists in Norcross, Georgia.