TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) are small titanium mini screws that are used to provide additional orthodontic anchorage in very difficult cases, such as gummy smile correction, full anterior teeth retraction, canted smile correction and more. First, Dr. Jamie Kim anesthetizes the targeted site with strong topical gel anesthetics to ensure the patient is comfortable. Depending on the site, an additional amount of local anesthesia can be administered. Then, Dr. Jamie Kim will gently place a mini screw into the gum and the bone of the target site. The entire procedure can be done very comfortably without much pain involved.

One of the major benefits of using TADs in orthodontics is the ability to correct challenging cases that traditionally have not been possible without jaw surgery. TADs work to control the positioning of your teeth to promote a quicker orthodontic treatment time. Dr. Jamie Kim specializes in utilizing TADs in these difficult cases where surgery can possibly be avoided.

With a consultation at our office, our orthodontists can evaluate the health of your teeth and facial structure to see if TADs are necessary for your smile. If you have any questions about TADs-facilitated orthodontics in Norcross, Georgia and would like to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Jamie Kim or Dr. Vinh Huynh at iCare Orthodontics & Dentistry, please call us at 770-840-9500.