Tips on Helping Your Child Have Straight Teeth

Do you want your child to have straight teeth? If so, our orthodontists - Dr. Vinh Huynh and Dr. Jamie Kim - are happy to help you. The straighter your child’s teeth are, the healthier their smile is. This is because there won’t be any hard-to-clean areas of the smile that harbor plaque and bacteria. To help your child have... read more »

Obtain Oral Health Through Orthodontics

Did you know, you can obtain positive oral health through orthodontic treatment? Did you know orthodontic treatment can help you avoid oral health problems in the future? Well, it’s true! If you are looking to improve your oral health and the alignment of your smile, then our orthodontists, Dr. Vinh Huynh and Dr. Jamie Kim with iCare Orthodontics & Dentistry in Norcross,... read more »